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Featured products

  • Wreck Bag


    Wreck Bag is a revolutionary training bag. 

  • Hoist Fitness Mi6 Functional Trainer

    Multifunctional Stations

    The unique and stylish HOIST® Mi6 is a personal pulley gym that is engineered with the innovative excellence and aesthetic appeal that the fitness industry has come to expect from Hoist Fitness.

  • TPWOD Modular Storage Rack

    Accessories & Sets

    This versatile heavy-duty storage solution allows you to organize various functional training products such as bumper plates, hex dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. The solid steel construction is perfect for any commercial setting, providing safe access to all weighted products being stored.

  • TPWOD Elite Squat Stand

    Benches & Racks

    The TPWOD Elite Squat Stand features over-sized 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights, 1” hardware, and a bolt-together base with triangle plates for maximum stability.

  • Assault AirRunner

    Cardio & Endurance

    The Assault AirRunner is a premier elite fitness running machine that packs an intense workout into a small package. The name says it all - it's like running on air, but with a powerful amount of punch.

  • TP Kettlebells with Colored Marks

    Aerobic, Boxing & Yoga

    The Tonic Performance Kettlebells with colored marks are cast in one solid piece creating a stronger, sturdier handle and a void free surface. 

  • Precor Spinner® Chrono™ Bike

    Cardio & Endurance

    The newest bike in the Spinner line.

  • TPWOD Olympic Barbell Bearing

    Barbells & plates

    The TP WOD Bar Bearing is built for advanced Cross Trainers, and will withstand the most intense workouts.

  • TP Multi Accessory Aerobic Storage Rack

    Accessories & Sets

    TP Multi Accessory Aerobic Storage Rack is the perfect all integrated solution to keep a variety of the most common aerobic and fitness accessories all organized in one unique station.

  • Ballistic Barbell by Christian Thibodeau


    The Ballistic Olympic Barbell has been designed in collaboration with Christian Thibaudeau in order to outstand the most intense workout and offer a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.

  • TPWOD Wall Ball

    Accessories & Storage

    The TPWOD Wall Ball offers some of the best in industry for material usage inside and out.

  • TPWOD Kettleballs

    Aerobic, Boxing & Yoga

    The TPWOD Kettleballs are ideal for aerobic classes.